How can I watch cable TV on my computer? Well, unlike how it must have been decades ago, watching cable TV on your computer is possible and easy. In fact, this method of entertainment is currently a growing trend. A lot of people opt for internet TV because of the portability, convenience, and privacy it provides. But before you turn off your television set and plug in your PC instead, let us first find out what cable television really is.

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Cable television was formerly known as Community Antenna Television (CATV). It is a system that provides TV programs to consumers by way of radio frequency signals that are transmitted to televisions through coaxial cables or digital light pulses. This system works in the same way as the traditional over-the-air method which made use of television antenna in order to broadcast television. The difference, however, is that cable television utilized cables rather than airwaves in order to send signals.

Cable television originated in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the late 1940s. During that time, using cables to send signals posed many challenges at first. One of the major problems they encountered was that the original system worked well only within short distances. Another was that signals sent through cables were subject to interference. In fact, the longer the cable and the farther the signal had to travel, the weaker it became. This resulted to a pretty distorted image in the television screen.

What they did to solve this problem was to install a series of amplifiers along the way. Installing about one every one thousand feet distance increased the strength of the signal. However, this solution posed yet another problem. Every time the signal passed through an amplifier, it would pick up interference in the form of distortion and noise. Also, if there was a breakdown in any of the amplifiers, there’d be no signal at all.

Cable TV engineers then initiated researches about the transmission of signals via microwaves. Signals were captured by receiving towers, located high enough to prevent being blocked. This consequently increased the viewership in the United States, opened up the possibilities of multiple-channel broadcasting from the TV networks, and paved the way for the formation of cable companies.

From here, Community Antenna Television was born. This also paved the way for internet TV, which answers the question “how can I watch cable TV on my computer”.

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